The COLORBOND® metal roof has been protecting Australian families for more than 30 years. In fact it’s one of the most advanced roofing materials in the world.

Want better protection, we all know the weather can be unpredictable, and with the extreme Australian conditions like torrential rain, hail storms, gusty winds and bushfires affecting homes right across the country, more and more homeowners are seeking the protection of a metal roof.

With its oven baked finish the COLORBOND® metal roof will protect your roof in all weather conditions, come rain, hail or shine, and as the metal roofs are installed using continuous sheets, not only do you get a watertight solution, you also get a tough barrier that protects your home from falling branches and flying debris.

You want a great choice of colours, and of course you want your home to look modern. With the extensive range of colours, the COLORBOND® metal roof offers a range of 20 fashionable colours to suit any home, any style and any landscape.

Talk about peace of mind, with an unbeatable manufacturer’s warranty* of up to 25 years you can rest assured that the quality of this product is guaranteed. The warranty starts from the date of installation, and is designed to protect you and your home against perforation by weathering in the natural elements and you also get a 12 year warranty against peeling and flaking.

The COLORBOND® metal roof is a popular choice because:

  • You are protected by a BlueScope Steel warranty*
  • Better protection from a superior paint system
  • Your metal roof is Corrosion resistant
  • Comes in a modern and wide array of colours
  • Versatile and will suit any style of home with its wide range of COLORBOND® steel products to fit a variety of applications.
  • Durable as it has an oven-baked finish that will stand the test of time
  • Better protection from the elements with its continuous sheets that make it watertight
  • Advanced technology that helps it to resist against chipping, cracking and peeling
  • It is also built from non-combustible materials, and not to mention it is also termite resistant.
  • Safe and sound as it provides your home with a tough barrier in the face of strong wind, hail, falling branches and flying debris.
  • Better protection against burglars as it provides a secure barrier.
  • When using light colours your COLORBOND® metal roof can result in less heat

When it comes to your next roofing, or guttering project, make the right choice and choose the COLORBOND® metal roofing products.

*Naturally conditions apply and you should contact your local BlueScope Steel sales consultant for further information.