Choosing Colorbond Roof Colours for your new metal roof is a challenging task.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating an old home or replacing the roof on your existing home; you want to make the right decision.

When exploring all the different colour options for your new roof, there are a few practical tips that you should consider, here are just a few guidelines:

The Physical Aspects

The colour of your roof should complement the style and design of your property. Choosing the wrong colour on a house with a large roof will overshadow the entire look of your property.

A good choice for a property with a dominant roof is a mid-tone or neutral colour.

Surrounding Aspects

It’s important to consider the surrounding aspects or your property and pay attention to the aesthetics of your neighbourhood.

For older style areas you may want to consider more traditional colours.

Rural and bushland properties are better suited to colours that are toned down, that blend in with the surroundings of the natural landscape.

If your property is situated on the coast, then your colour choice could include colours that blend in with the natural elements of the ocean and sand.

Practical Considerations

The lighter colours have the ability of reflecting heat. If you live in a warmer environment then you may want to consider choosing a lighter colour for your roof.

The lighter colours help to protect your property from the heat and help to reduce your energy bills as your house will stay cooler.

If you live in a cooler environment than a darker colour will help to absorb the heat which in turn will help to keep your house warmer?

How to Balance the Colours

Now that you have carefully selected the colour of your new roof, why not take some time to balance out the colour of your new roof with the rest of your property.

You simply find a few small areas around your property to repeat the same colour. It could be as simple as using the same colour on your letterbox, garden borders, garden shed or light fittings.

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